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Metrosoft QUARTIS R12


07.04.15 - The latest version of the measuring software Metrosoft QUARTIS R12 allows it to measure the roughness of work piece surfaces directly on the coordinate measuring machine. Another highlight is the collision avoidance that looks ahead when working in a multiple machine network.


With Metrosoft QUARTIS R12 and the REVO  SFP1 probe, roughness measurement is directly integrated into the measurement process of the coordinate measuring machine.
The SFP1 roughness sensor aligns itself automatically with the work piece surface by rotating and swiveling in the A, B and C axis and measures the roughness among the defined measuring length, which is specified by appropriate parameters.
Roughness profiles and roughness parameters can be inserted into a report and therefore be output together with other features.

Collision Control that Looks Ahead


Especially for users from the automotive industry, Metrosoft QUARTIS offers the ability to work in a multiple machine network or a multiple machine mode to check work pieces in a shorter time. Up to eight machines can be connected, which is far more than is possible on conventional duplex systems with two measuring machines.
Thus, especially large components can be measured faster and cycle times can be drastically reduced. In addition, collisions between the machines or between the probe and base plate of the same machine are reliably prevented.
This collision avoidance is based on moving safety zones that are automatically calculated around the probe configuration and machine components. If two system components approach each other and exceed the defined safety distance, the machines are stopped. Despite these safety functions the measurement procedures are performed in a time-efficient manner.

Unified Use of Ribbon for Form Features


Other key benefits of the new measurement software are apparent when evaluating form features. The straightness, flatness, roundness and cylindricity features are now also evaluated using the ribbon – just as the line and surface profile are. Straightness and flatness tolerance can be evaluated using a limited evaluation range. The automatic use of Chebychev compensation elements ensures a standardized evaluation..

Marcel Lenherr, Managing Director at Wenzel Metromec AG, is happy with the current development: “Metrosoft QUARTIS is the latest generation of measuring software with a future-oriented architecture. The extensive and intuitive software package is one of the most powerful on the market. Even for complex components and measurement tasks the users receive quickly and easily meaningful measurement results."