System3d - optymalne rozwiązania dla obróbki skrawaniem

m&h LTS35.66 – with separate transmitter and receiver


The laser tool setter LTS35.66 is a cost-effective system for the majority of measuring tasks on tools from Ø 1 mm and offers tool breakage detection with significant advantages compared to other common standard instruments.

The laser tool measurement system LTS35.66 is characterised by the greatest degree of flexibility during installation and a simple commissioning procedure. Different assembly aids support integration into the most varied types of machines. This compact, robust system is absolutely immersion-proof in accordance with IP68. Regardless of whether it’s in the machining area or the tool magazine, the pneumatic shutter unit reliably protects the optics against dirt, thereby minimising maintenance. An air curtain prevents soiling of the optics during the measuring process.




  • Highest flexibility at integration

With help of the various optional mounting brackets, installation in different positions is possible within the machine tool, even where there is only limited space.

  • Installation at various distances

Before distribution, the measurement point is focused on a predefined spot. This enables highly-accurate measurements to be conducted in a range between 0.3 m and 5 m.

  • Optimal protection of the optics

Like all m&h laser tool setters, the optics are protected using an approved pneumatic shutter unit.

  • Fast tool breakage control

For high-quality applications, it is vital to ensure that none of the tools have any breakages. With the m&h LTS35.66, this can easily be checked within the production process.

Repeatability (distance < 1000 mm)

1 μm (2 σ)*
Power supply 12-26 VDC / max. 100 mA
Laser Centrally focused / 650 nm /
Laser safety class 2 (IEC825)
Transmitter/Receiver distance 0.3m - 5 m (±5 mm)
Temperature range Storage:

Storage: 5 °C - 70 °C
Operating: 10 °C - 50 °C

Material Aluminium, hard coated
Protection class IP68: EN60529(connected, air-curtain on)
Service life  >5 million ON/OFF cycles tested