System3d - optymalne rozwiązania dla obróbki skrawaniem



Measuring and verification systems used for tool dimensions and geometrical control on CNC metal cutter machine tool have bring to a significant improvement of production quality and productivity, reducing down-times relative to manual tool pre-setting, complying with inspection between consecutive working process steps and ensuring scrap rate reduction. 
On machine tool pre-setting permits automatic update of tool table, with measured dimension, avoiding any manual data insert error by operator.
The Marposs’ laser system permit to achieve a constant manufacturing quality as well as minimized down-times. Its protection device, based on ATE technology (air-tunnel effect based tecnology), has the best signal-noise ratio obtained through the best reduction of noise coming from chips, coolant and air. The rugged mechanical structure, the professional optical laser system and the intelligent electronics guarantee the best reliability and precision in tool pre-setting and verification.

Mida Laser systems are available in two models:

Mida Laser 75 P
Mida Laser 105 P
The compact Mida Laser 75 P, for use with smaller machines, is available in three versions:

Stand alone with emitter and receiver in a single structure, available in different lengths
Pico Laser, the ultra compact stand alone version for smaller machines
Modular with the emitter and receiver separated by a distance of up to 1 m in the case of the focused version, and up to 3m in the case of the collimated version
Mida Laser 105 P, modular with emitter and receiver separated, for large machines and distances up to 12 m.


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