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m&h IRP25.50 – Infrared Touch Probe of the newest generation



The new bidirectional probe m&h IRP 25.50 is characterized by its modular structure. Various measuring units, different extensions and cross-probes can be used. This makes it possible to optimally adjust the probe to future requirements and applications in the machine tool at any time. The development of further measuring units and sensors which can be used on the same system basis is planned for the future.

The m&h probes of the new generation allow to operate two IRP25.50 at the same time with only one IRR91.50 receiver. For example, this is suitable for simultaneous measurements on both spindles of double-spindle machines.





  • Determination of workpiece zero point
  • Determination of workpiece position
  • Control measurement of workpiece dimensions
  • Simultaneous measurement on double-spindle machines



  • The future-proof IRP25.50 supports different measuring mechanismsPatented dual-probe technology from m&h
    • P41.00 Measuring unit with three-leg system
    • MY21.00 Measuring unit with hemisphere system
    • TP44.10 Temperature measuring unit
  • The HDR+ technology (high data rate+) rules out disturbances due to extraneous light
  • ITE technology (Intelligent Trigger Evaluation) – with high-speed pre-positioning
  • Chameleon technology – Supports third-party protocols of competitors 



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