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Mida Visual Tool Setter

High-Tech industry demands for reliable and high precision products are becoming essential in order to guarantee high quality manufacturing.
Marposs VTS is a contactless measuring system that guarantees extremely accurate results and it's suitable to check tool dimensions (Dmin = 10 µm, Dmax = 40 mm) on milling machines where quality is more important than quantity.
VTS allows following functionalities using just one positioning cycle:

  • Tool length
  • Static and Dynamic tool diameter
  • Cutting edge TIR
  • Cutter radius
  • Compensation of machine axes thermal drift


  • Indipendent of tool geometry and dimensions
  • Excellent metrology performances
  • All measurements in the same positioning cycle
  • No need of tool information
  • Double protections system and easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Digital tool profile cleaning


  • Micro milling machine tools
  • Metal precision parts manufacturing
  • Die and Mould production
  • Connectors for electrical parts