System3d - optymalne rozwiązania dla obróbki skrawaniem

3D coordinate measuring machine LH Gantry



The LH Gantry is a CNC coordinate measuring machine in gantry design with touch-trigger or scanning probe system. The LH Gantry enjoys all of the attributes of the smaller LH Bridge machine family but has been configured to provide for the inspection of large and heavy parts.

The WENZEL LH Gantry CMM showcases a monolithic design with an integral granite table negating the need for a special foundation. Due to their active pneumatic vibration damping and automatic temperature compensation, the LH Gantry is protected against vibration and thermal effects. The ‘high drives’ of the LH Gantry also ensure maximum stability even during dynamic movements.

Features and Benefits

  • Touch Probe & Scanning Applications
  • Standard/Premium/Premium Select model available for different accuracy requirements
  • Optional pneumatic vibration isolation system and active dynamic thermal compensation are available
  • Impala Granite CMM structure for optimum thermal stability
  • Wide air bearing spread for improved stability
  • X and Y scales at same height ensures stable measurements
  • Once piece ultra-thick granite base plate hand lapped to DIN 876/0 ensures uniform heat distribution
  • Wide cross-section granite Z ram mounted in offset air bearings for maximum rigidity when using long extension bars and off-set loads
  • Bellows covers fitted to both X and Y axis for dirt protection
 Measuring Range (mm)
1500 2000/2500/3000/4000 1500
2000 2000/3000/4000 1500



The LH-Gantry CMM

Stable metrology with excellent dynamics Air bearing guideway systems in all axes ensure wear-free operation and optimal guide characteristics in the LH Gantry.
The same thermal performance in all axes is guaranteed by means of a base plate, bridge and Z ram made of dark granite.
The rigid construction together with the dual drive of the Y-axis also guarantees the best possible dynamics while maintaining stability.
In summary the machine frame forms an inherently stable, homogeneous unit with can be confi gured to special sizes and accessoried which active dampening on line temperature compensation and high resolution optical scales.



Wenzel_LH_1.jpg Wenzel_LH_2.jpg

Overall symmetry

  • Optimized air bearings with “wide spread”
  • Perfection in the details
  • Easy to service
  • Thermally encapsulated

Dual drive in the Y axis

  • High level of dynamics