System3d - optymalne rozwiązania dla obróbki skrawaniem

3D coordinate measuring machine LHF


When it is all about the accurate measurement of large gears or other high precision parts offers the LHF Gear high flexibility concerning ergonomics of the measuring volume. The at-grade design realizes excellent free moving space and easy loading of the measuring volume.

Bridge type measuring machine for gear metrology

Just as the 3D coordinate measuring machines of the LH Gear series is the LHF Gear equipped with a rotary table for the precise 4-axes-measurements of gearings. So gears and other rotationally symmetrical parts with a diameter greater than 4000 mm can be measured.

Geometry measurement with a gear tester

Additionally to the functionality of a gear measuring machine prismatic parts can be measured fast, precise and fully automated. With the proven measuring software Metrosoft CM measuring programs can be created and measurement report generated. The results are stored in a database and can be recalled anytime and be used for statistical evaluations. This combination allows not only the measurement of gears but of the measurement of corresponding gear housings as well.

Innovative sensor technology for gear metrology

The measuring machines of the LHF Gear series are equipped with Renishaw scanning probes. Depending on the requirements either a SP24, a SP600M or a SP80H is used. With these probing systems very small surface details can precisely be measured.
The LHF Gear gear testers can be equipped with fully automated change racks, so the optimal probe configuration can easily be used for every measuring task. The change racks FCR25, SCR600 and SCP80 allow the fully automated and reproducible change between different styli configurations. So diverse gearings with different modules and prismatic parts can easily and fast be measured in one measurement procedure.

Optimized CNC controller for accurate measurement according to gearing principles

To completely fulfill the demanding requirements of gear metrology WENZEL developed the CNC control Geco. It guarantees an optimal 4-axes-measurement and precise scanning. For geometrically precise machine movement the machine compensation is carried out in real time and the wobbling of the part is compensated in real time.

Features and Benefits

  • Touch Probe & Scanning Applications
  • Standard/Premium/Premium Select model available for different accuracy requirements
  • Active dynamic thermal compensation on Premium/Premium Select models are available
  • Impala Granite CMM structure for optimum thermal stability
  • Wide cross-section ceramic Z ram mounted in offset air bearings for maximum rigidity when using long extension bars and off-set loads
  • Optional rotary table option for measurement of Gears and other cylindrical parts
  • Extendable Y axis for future increase in measuring volume
  • Bellows covers fitted to both X and Y axis for dirt protection
 Measuring Range (mm)
2500 3000/4000/5000/6000 1700
3000 4000/5000/6000/ 2000
4000 4000/5000/6000/7000/10000/12000 2500


Air bearings on guide beam in the Y-axis. The ground-level design of the LHF enables outstanding access to a large measuring volume with optimum freedom of movement.
The dual drive in the Y-axis of the LHF makes it unbeatable in terms of dynamics; this in addition to the unique stability of the guides.
Similar to the LH Gantry, the LHF air bearing guideway systems also guarantee wear-free operation together with precise guidance. All materials used for structure and guideways have the same thermal performance.
The LHF requires an inherently stable foundation to provide its specified metrological performance.
For normal conditions a standard, rigid foundation block is sufficient. In the case of strong vibrations, vibration damping elements are required under the foundation.


Wenzel_LHF_1.jpg Wenzel_LHF_2.jpg

Dual drive in the Y-axis

  • High level of dynamics
  • Stability of the guide (base)
  • Inherently stable guide beam
  • Zero backlash friction drive for maximum dynamics

Overall symmetry

  • Optimized air bearing with “wide spread”
  • Perfection in the details
  • Easy to service
  • Thermal micro-encapsulation
  • Optimized air bearing design in Double T-form