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3D Gear measuring machines LH Gear


The measuring systems of the LH Gear series bridge design allow the measurement of gears and other rotational symmetrical parts as well as the measurement of the complete spectrum of prismatic parts.

Bridge type measuring machine for gear metrology

The LH Gear is a bridge type measuring machine with an integrated rotary table. This concept makes precise 4-axis-measurements of gears according to general gearing principles. 

Geometry measurement with a gear tester

In addition to the functionality of a gear measuring machine prismatic parts can be measured quickly, precisely and fully automated. With the proven Metrosoft CM measuring software measuring programs can be created and measurement reports generated. The results are stored in a database and can be recalled anytime and be used for statistical evaluations. This combination allows not only the measurement of gears but the measurement of corresponding gear housings as well. 

Innovative sensor technology for gear metrology

The LH Gear series measuring machines are equipped with Renishaw scanning probes. Depending on the requirements, either a SP24, a SP600M or a SP80H is used. With these probing systems very small surface details can be measured precisely. 
The LH Gear, gear testers can be equipped with fully automated change racks, so the optimal probe configuration can easily be used for every measuring task. The change racks FCR25, SCR600 and SCP80 allow the fully automated and reproducible change between different styli configurations so diverse gearings with different modules and prismatic parts can be easily and quickly measured in one measurement procedure.

Optimized CNC controller for accurate measurement according to gearing principles

To completely fulfill the demanding requirements of gear metrology WENZEL developed the CNC control Geco. It guarantees optimal 4-axis-measurement and precise scanning. For geometrically precise machine movement the machine compensation is carried out in real time and wobbling of the part is compensated in real time.

Features and Benefits

  • 4-axes bridge type gear measuring machine with integrated rotary table
  • High stability through granite base
  • High precision air bearing on linear axes
  • Aero- or hydrostatic rotary table
  • Massive granite basement for superior stability
  • Passive or active vibration damping
  • Specially developed WENZEL Geco CNC controller for continuous 4-axes-measurement
  • Use of continuous scanning probes and fully automated change racks
  • Fully integrated measuring software for the measurement and analysis of divers gearings
Machine Workpiece Ø [mm] Measurable face [mm] Tip clearence
Rotary table [kg]
LH 65 Gear 
 600 mm 450 mm   180 kg
LH 87 Gear   800 mm 650 mm   180 kg
 LH 108 Gear 1000 mm 750 mm   400 kg
    LH 1210 Gear  1200 mm 950 mm   400 kg
    LH 1512 Gear  1500 mm 1150 mm     400 kg
    LH 2015 Gear  2000 mm 1450 mm     8000 kg  

All LH Gear measuring systems can be customized with different hard- and software options to perfectly fit the particular measuring task.

  • Rotary tables in different sizes and capacity
  • High accuracy manual chucks in different sizes
  • High accuracy manual Chucks, different sizes
  • Automatic change racks for Renishaw probing systems
  • Extended probe kits for differing measuring tasks
  • Temperature compensation
  • Software options for the measurement of spur gears, bevel gears, worms and wheels, shafts, splines, tools and rotors