System3d - optymalne rozwiązania dla obróbki skrawaniem



New high performance MIDA touch probes for tool checking, part inspection and part set-up applications on CNC lathes, machining centers and grinding machines. Reduced scrap, shorter cycle and set-up times and improved product quality are just some of the benefits to be gained.

Supported by a full range of Software Packages, MIDA offers a complete solution for every measurement application.

Outstanding performance
New MIDA probes offer exceptional improved repeatability (2sigma < 0,5 µm) to meet the most demanding measurement applications.

Rugged and reliable
New MIDA probes have been developed to withstand the harshest operating conditions, having been designed and tested to work over many millions cycles. Insensitive to rapid machine acceleration and vibration, new MIDA probes offer excellent protection against high-pressure coolant and chips.

Modular system
New MIDA probes are compatible with the wide range of MIDA modular components, enabling systems to be configured to suit all applications.

Infra-red and radio transmission systems allow the probe to be stored in the machine ATC (Automatic Tool Changer), whilst hard-wired systems permit economic use on machines without ATC, and for table mounted applications. 

Extension bars and adaptors enable access into difficult to reach features.

Available versions
New MIDA probes are available in a variety of styles to suit specific requirements such as very compact dimensions with T25 probes, very long styli for deep bore inspection, using T36, low trigger force for soft part inspection with TL25.

Any probe is available with front rubber gasket ("G" version) or shielded to provide additional external protection against hot chips and swarf on lathes ("S" version).

All probes can be hard wired to the machine tool CNC by using the E32R Interface unit for applications that does not require wireless touch signal transmission. 
In addition, due to the Machine Tools ability to automatically change tools, part inspection probes are supplied with different methods of touch signal wireless transmission. They are: 

  • E83MC – E83WA optical spindle probe
  • E88 probing system for machines with manual tool changer
  • WRS radio spindle probe


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