System3d - optymalne rozwiązania dla obróbki skrawaniem




The Mida product line includes a range of touch probes designed for use on machines which require 3D measurement.

Optimum spatial isotropy
MIDA TT probes have excellent spatial isotropy performance combined with a high level of repeatability. This allows accurate 3D measurements of complex surfaces to be optained, typicaly of machining of dies, shells, turbines, etc. on milling machines.

These characteristics are also particularly useful in applications involving angled part on tool sharpeners and gear grinders.

MIDA TT probes are compatible with all components in the modular Mida range, enabling optimum configuration for each applications. The front gasket, made from fabric-finished rubber, provides excellent protection inside the harsh working environment.

The TT25h probe is a high trigger pressure version of the TT25, allowing the use of complex or heavy-duty styli, particularly when there are high levels of vibration in the machine.

The TT60 probe, with its long overtravel, is suitable for use on large milling and boring machines. The operating range of this probe provides solutions in applications where long styli are required.

All probes can be hard wired to the machine tool CNC by using the E32R Interface unit for applications that does not require wireless touch signal transmission.
In addition, due to the Machine Tools ability to automatically change tools, part inspection probes are supplied with different methods of touch signal wireless transmission. They are:

  • E83MC – E83WA optical spindle probe
  • E88 probing system for machines with manual tool changer
  • WRS radio spindle probe


Marposs makes available a wide range of accessories suitable to its touch systems customizing, fitting every machine type and every Customer specification.

  • Styli: the range of ceramic and steel made styli is born from Marposs experience in measure field to satisfy every application requirement. Different standard options and dedicated solutions are available.
  • Probe accessories: Among the accessories there are lot of exthension in different size, that allow you to bring the probe near the work piece as much as possible.


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