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m&h IRT35.70 - quickly mounted on pre-mounted base plate

The Infrared Tool Setter IRT35.70 for milling machines and machining centers enables variable positioning of the tool setter, to fit the task at hand. Through use of a magnetic mount, the tool setter can be placed in wide range of table positions. Our patent pending system delivers highly accurate and repeatable re-positioning of the tool setter. With wireless operation and no permanently fixed hardware, use of the IRT35.70 does not restrict or interfere with the machining area in any way. Now tool measurement and breakage detection can be done flexibly with a single instrument, including in machines operating with alternating machining stations.



  • Determination of tool length
  • Measurement of tool radius
  • Detection of broken tools


  • HDR (High Data Rate) infrared transmission excludes interference of measuring from ambient light
  • Simple, quick & repeatable manual positioning
  • Sturdy and durable protected


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