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The software for workpiece measurement on the control unit

PC-DMIS NC Gage sets the new standard for measuring on the machine tool. Developed for easy, quick and safe application of touch probes without requiring the operator to have programming skills or special knowledge of measuring technology. The unique “teach-in method” in manual operation enables a dialoguebased procedure.

  • User-friendly setting of measurement cycles
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Innovative teach-in method

Simple setting of measurement cycles by teach-in method

PC-DMIS NC Gage eliminates the use of difficult macros. It works with a simple dialog based interactive teach-in method to generate measurement cycles, which can be stored and recalled at any time.

Take advantage of PC DMIS NC Gage instead of using complicated and confusing measurement macros

  • Macros are dependent on the programming skills of the operator
  • Macros are very different, depending on the manufacturer of probe and control
  • Macros have limited support for the measurement on 5-axis machines
  • Macros have no compansation of the machine axes with Kinematic Setup.

NC Gage performance features and functions

  • Fast and convenient navigation via control buttons or touch screen
  • Creating colour-coded measurement reports directly on the control unit or on a tablet PC. The reports can also be opened in MS Word or Wordpad and can be printed at any time.
  • PC-DMIS NC Gage allows standard geometric measurement and includes additional measurement functions not available previously on any control
  • PC-DMIS NC Gage allows flexible measurement of arcs, cylinders, cones and other geometries. For this, the same PTB-certified mathematical basis is used as is used by PC-DMIS CMM for measuring machines. This ensures the highest level of precision.


The Basic Version enables teach-in measurement of basic geometries and easy programming.


Get the most in measuring – Advanced version and options

Advanced version

The upgrade to Advanced version offers the complete range of functions for 3-axis machines, measuring and evaluation functions for changing zero points as well as generation of result reports.


Measuring on 5-axis machines

  • The Advanced version upgrade
  • The must-have for 5-axis machines

Kinematic setup for 5-axis machines

  • The Advanced 5-axis version upgrade
  • The basis for precision on 5-axis machines
  • Compensation values at any time

Your Benefits:

  • Constant, correct measuring results independent of programming skills of the operator
  • Simple teach-in method also for 5-axis machines
  • Secure transfer of measurement results to the control and easy generation of measuring reports
  • Fast, powerful and precise Kinematic Setup

All information from  www.mh-inprocess.com

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