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As easy as can be

  • Determine measuring points
  • On-screen collision control
  • Generation of measuring program with automatic transfer to CNC control
  • Measuring on the machine
  • Evaluation of measuring results
  • No machine downtime
  • Documentation of genuine quality

Thanks to the easy handling, the machine operator has more time to concentrate on the production process.

m&h 3D Form Inspect offers you:

  • m&h’s patented real-time calibration ensuring highest precision
  • Self-explanatory user interface designed for the machine operator
  • Support of a wide range of CAD formats and machine post processors
  • Clear, understandable measuring reports can be shown in Excel, Word, OpenOffice, PDF or HTML as well as in the CAD view.
  • Full support of 4th and 5th axis measurements
  • The Best-Fit option allows for quick re-clamping of forms necessary for rework

The proven solution for your success

m&h 3D Form Inspect this software enables quick, easy measuring and logging of important geometries and shapes on all sides and with all axes directly on the machine tool. This saves time, provides safety, and enhances quality

  • Checking free-form surfaces on 3 and 5 axis machines
  • Perform measurement and final machining in one set-up
  • No transferring to the measuring machine

Highest precision through reliable calibration strategy (patented)

  • Compensate measuring errors occurring at the spindle interface
  • Automatically detect and compensate kinematic changes while measuring
  • Identify thermal displacements in the working area and apply to evaluations
  • Remove the effects of Axis Lag-error from measuring procedures
  • Eliminate pre-travel variation of probing systems using vector calibration

RTC – Real Time Calibration
m&h Calibration strategy (patented)


Support of 4th and 5th axis and correction of kinematic errors

True 4th and 5th axis support is available with 3D Form Inspect. Positioning the machine‘s rotary axis is as simple as selecting the probing surface in the CAD, or dragging the probe orientation on the screen. After carrying out a full simulation of program, the operator is confident that the program will collision free.

  • Measuring on all sides of the workpiece and at undercuts or inclined geometries in free space
  • Maximum precision by patented compensation of swivelling errors
  • Collection of kinematic errors of the 4th and 5th axes through calibration or actual workpiece
  • Detected deviations are compensated during the measuring process

Best-Fit function

Alignment of complex shapes in a machine can be simplified by using an optional Best-Fit routine. With this, it is possible to collect a number of points on a surface, and then use the software to calculate the shifts and rotations required to bring all the points as close as possible to their correct position. The results of the calculation can then be used to set up the machine.

  • Optimization of deviations in position and location by turning and shifting the workpiece
  • Can be used for quick fitting of the blank into the best machining position
  • Quick re-clamping of moulds for necessary rework, determination of position and zero point defining after measuring

Extended reporting function

Clear, understandable measuring reports can be shown in Excel, Word, OpenOffice, PDF, or HTML as well as in the CAD view. For the complete workpiece or for partial measurements.

The reporting function enables the integration of

  • company name
  • tool name
  • series or drawing number
  • clamping number
  • machine designation
  • stamp

Flexible licencing options

Single licence per PC or network floating license
The number of single-station licenses which are available to a company is stored on the network-capable server dongle.


Remote project manager (optional)

  • Open and share project files on a network
  • Modify project files stored on network shares locally while file is being locked on the network
  • Save project files in network automatically



3D Form Inspect Software saves time, gives safety, and enhances quality – for many years leading companies from the following fields have been relying on it:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Mould & Die
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Power Generation
  • Precision Industry
  • Medical Technology
  • Domestic Appliances

All information from  www.mh-inprocess.com

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